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South Shore, MA Real Estate Law

Law Offices of Sweet & Rose

From real estate transactions and negotiations to litigations, choosing the right attorney can save you time, money and the risk of signing an insincere contract. Real Estate Attorney Lawrence J. Rose offers Stoughton, MA  and the surrounding areas with experienced legal advice and guidance for home buyers, sellers, landlords and any other clients with a real estate interest. From titles and closings to ownership disputes and evictions, Rose will provide you with the knowledge and representation you need to settle comfortably.

Real Estate Representation Includes:

Residential real estate

Commercial real estate

Buyers and sellers

Real estate disputes and litigation


Ownership disputes


Title work

When you have questions regarding real estate,  Lawrence J. Rose has the experience to assist you with any dispute or litigation. From landlord and tenant transactions to residential and commercial sales and acquisitions, Attorney Rose will provide you with representation you can count on.

Call the Law Offices of Sweet & Rose today at (781)341-6375 for a free initial consultation, or browse our website for more information regarding Bankruptcy LawPersonal Injury Law or Business Law. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us.


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